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Capernwray dog trials 2019

This event raised over £5,000 for St Johns Hospice, Lancaster - Video of the event

Extended version includes the awards ceremony.Slideshow of images from the event

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Capernwray dog trials 2019

Raising money for St Johns Hospice, Lancaster -

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Lancashire County Council has been reported as the worst council in the country for plastic recycling. This may not be all their fault though, as recycling the more "difficult" plastics may actually cost them money. Why isn't there a national system for plastic recycling?Heysham beachHeysham Beach (Adobe Spark presentation) There is active beach cleaning activity around Morecambe Bay.Crisp packets8 million Walkers Crisp packets are produced every day.

They are made of metallicised plastic and cannot be recycled. Most of these will end up in landfi…


Parka Monkeys

March of the Mods, Morecambe, March 2019.

Away from the Numbers

March of the Mods, Morecambe, March 2019.

Live music photography

A collection of images form various bands around the country...(click on slideshow image for fullscreen view)Red Ray and the Reprobates

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www.redrayandthereprobates.... Ray and the Reprobates - the early years

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The People's Vote (1 new item)

A march in London, attended by 700,000 people, in October 2018. The marchers were protesting to try to gain a further referendum on the Brexit question, now that the implications of leaving the EU are clearer.

Birmingham 2017 project (1 new item)

Photographic scavenger hunt around central Birmingham with the We All Shoot Photos (WASP) group.

Time and tide wait for no man

The tide bell, Morecambe.

Whitehaven harbour