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Hack Morecambe 2018 (1 new item)

My interpretation of this event, some images using the artworks as inspiration.

Bid and Rebuild charity art auction

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Bid and Rebuild: an auction of contemporary art raising money for two charities supporting refugees to rebuild their lives in the UK. auction includes one of my works, and you can bid for it here:


Morecambe project (3 new items)

New additions June 2018 (click on image above for more images and information)

Eye project (1 new item)

The gateway to the soul, a journey that could be challenging...

Lancaster project (1 new item)

Views of Lancaster: town, park and university. (Commenced February 2017)

Exhibition at Pizza Margherita Gallery

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I have 3 prints in this exhibition of Lancaster Photographic Society images, from 14 January to 17 February 2009.Pizza Margherita2 Moor LaneLancaster LA1 1QDThe gallery is in a prominent position, just off the ring road around the town centre, opposite the Dukes Playhouse in Moor Lane. There are several car parks nearby. We are also in close proximity to the Grand Theatre in St Leonardsgate and the Vue Cinema in Church Street. Go through to the back of the restaurant and up the stairs to the gallery on the first floor. The…


Ambiguity (1 new item)

“All photographs are ambiguous,” a state, John Berger argued, that’s fuelled by discontinuity. We never know the history of the moment in a single photograph, nor the outcome....

Portfolio (1 new item)

My favourite images...

The People's Vote (1 new item)

A march in London, attended by 700,000 people, in October 2018. The marchers were protesting to try to gain a further referendum on the Brexit question, now that the implications of leaving the EU are clearer.

Morecambe project (1 new item)

New additions June 2018 (click on image above for more images and information)

Whitehaven harbour