THE RE STORE in Morecambe is a social enterprise working under the management of the charity West End Impact. 

West End Impact’s INNOVATE art group helps people in recovery, suffering from poor mental health, or those who have lost confidence due to long term joblessness and THE RE STOREgives an opportunity for people to show case and sell their work. It also gives local artists a platform and support the charity at the same time.

I have done a couple of photoshoots at the store to provide them with images of some of their products.


IMG 0025



  • IMG-0019Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0021Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0024Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0025Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0026Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0029Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0031Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0033Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0034Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0035Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0036Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0043Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0044Teapot with knitted cover
  • IMG-0047Teapot with knitted cover




  • IMG-0054Knitted hat
  • IMG-0055Knitted hat
  • IMG-0058Knitted hat
  • IMG-0059Knitted hat
  • IMG-0060Knitted hat
  • IMG-0061Knitted hat
  • IMG-0063Knitted hat
  • IMG-0065Knitted hat
  • IMG-0066Knitted hat
  • IMG-0067Knitted hat
  • IMG-0068Knitted hat



  • IMG-0005-1-2048-169Jewellery
  • IMG-0006-1-2048-169Jewellery
  • IMG-0007-1-2048-169Jewellery
  • IMG-0012-1-2048Jewellery
  • IMG-0014-1-2048-169Jewellery
  • IMG-0023-1-2048Jewellery
  • IMG-0024-1-2048Jewellery
  • IMG-0026-1-2048-169Jewellery
  • IMG-0027-1-2048Jewellery
  • IMG-0029-1-2048Jewellery
  • IMG-0030-1-2048Jewellery
  • IMG-0035-1-2048Jewellery
  • IMG-0036-1-2048Jewellery
  • IMG-0037-1-2048IMG-0037-1-2048


Other items

  • IMG-0048Knitted cactus
  • IMG-0049Knitted cactus
  • IMG-0050Knitted cactus
  • IMG-0069Hair tie
  • IMG-0072Decoration
  • IMG-0074Decoration
  • IMG-0081Decoration
  • IMG-0087Decoration
  • IMG-0089Decoration
  • IMG-0093Decoration
  • IMG-0097Decoration

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