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  1. 依恋 by 深蓝天空

    深蓝天空 : Photos

  2. Servant to Essentia by Bruno Soares

    The long straight roads went up and down as I came back from yet another small retreat. As the car kept going, surrounded by my great music, my consciousness quickly began to make me reflect on how, returning home, I could be better. Doing more of this, less of that. Several reflections and some sharing of how a series of pending things would now be realized would be done. Projects to start would now go forward! "This is it!" I thought. However, one thing will never change, the joy of ending the day before its closing, contemplating our beautiful Sun the moment he says goodbye to us. Yes, I would enjoy another sunset !! And so it was, leaving the road, I went to another of the beautiful beaches that my country has to offer! Sitting on the sand, I contemplated all the beauty that surrounded me as the day continued on its way to the end. I wouldn't be sitting much longer as the light started to take on the tones that transform what is beautiful into transcendental! Barefoot I went into the water. I wanted to feel that moment, I wanted to bring it with me forever. It was suddenly, already with the water on my knees, that I saw the Sun. With its intense rays, trying to cling to one of the beautiful rock formations as if it did not want to leave that day, as if he, too, wanted to do something different from now on. Rubbing my eyes, I also see the sea through its energetic waves, such fingers, trying to cling to the sand as if it no longer intended to change its tide! The Sun

    Bruno Soares: Photos

  3. Ummannaq Sunrise by Tobias Hägg

    A morning just outside the remote island of Ummannaq in North Greenland.

    Tobias Hägg: Photos

  4. ***** by Ivan Ustinov

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    Ivan Ustinov: Photos

  5. Once upon a time by Roberto González Rioja

    Thanks for your visits and comments

    Roberto González Rioja: Photos

  6. Famous "Justin" Canyon by Fabrice H

    One of the most famous canyons in Iceland. Too bad that it is now so organized and protected by fences and barbed wire. Victim of its success. Nevertheless, this short visit on my way to the F206, allowed me to foresee many possibilities of shooting for the next time...

    Fabrice H: Photos

  7. Autumn hills by Peter Zajfrid

    Autumn on Pohorje hill, Slovenija

    Peter Zajfrid: Photos

  8. Heavy Rain in the Valley by Samal Tofik

    The valley is a natural and wonderful place with a hard way and a cold heavy rain on the adventure work to photography

    Samal Tofik: Photos

  9. Seasons by Toine van Steen

    Seasons. Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year for me. The leaves of the trees take on beautiful colours. It's time to sit close to the stove or fireplace and watch the crackling fire. With a nice bowl of hot chocolate with whipped cream. This gives me a wonderful feeling. That is the feeling I want to convey with this photo. It may not be the reality in terms of representation but this is my own reality. And that can sometimes be far away from worldly reality. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. I wish you a very nice evening. I hope you also get a warm feeling by looking at this photo.

    Toine van Steen: Photos

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