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  1. Just a portrait in the village by David Dubnitskiy

    David Dubnitskiy: Photos

  2. || WINGS OF SERENDIPITY || by Bruno Soares

    Close to nature and far from the confusion is where I prefer to be, walk and, above all, contemplate. It is close to her that my brain can also relax and, away from the hectic pace of everyday life, slowing down and living just that moment! Observing its inhabitants closely, going on with their lives, I limit myself to the role I have there and try above all to be just part of all this. And it's amazing how beautiful and fantastic Nature is. On a sunny day and cosy heat, I walked down to a beautiful beach in my Portugal! Suddenly, once again, she got so beautiful and ecstatic that my eyes began to see her replicate in a little lake that the tide left behind! And while I was contemplating such beauty, our beautiful sun decided to bathe the clouds, which passed by, in shades that made me dream! Suddenly, I saw wings embedded in a magical rose that carried a tranquillity built by this chance. All that calm quickly penetrated me, and there I was at peace with myself!

    Bruno Soares: Photos


    © Michael J. Kochniss | |

    Michael J. Kochniss: Photos

  4. Portrait by Maxim Maximov

    Ph: Maxim Maximov Md: Selena Verner St: Quattro Fashion FB: BK: Flickr: Instagram:

    Maxim Maximov: Photos

  5. Passing Time by Jessica Drossin

    Jessica Drossin: Photos

  6. Untitled by Vladimir Maric

    Vladimir Maric: Photos

  7. A Bavarian Beauty by Daniel Gastager

    All the techniques used on this image are demonstrated in my in-depth post-processing tutorials. Check out my website to find more information. Viele der hier angewandten Techniken werden sehr ausführlich in meinen Bildbearbeitungs Tutorials demonstriert. Mehr Infos findest Du auf meiner Website.

    Daniel Gastager: Photos

  8. 🌪 by Sergey Kolesnikov

    Sergey Kolesnikov: Photos

  9. Forever Yours ! by Sunil

    Cuddlepie and Snugglepot ! It doesn't matter if you are the king, when you are in love.! The manifestation is almost universal. Even the deepest silence can convey the most intense of an emotion. An endearing and poignant moment from the life of the Lion King. Dedicated to my everloving wife on the occasion of our 30th wedding anniversary.! Forever Your's ! Sunil

    Sunil : Photos

  10. Meersburg by Michael Sroka

    Michael Sroka: Photos

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