Cardboard city MGL1437 1 2048

Cardboard city

I collected boxes for a year to construct this city. It was autumn and the wind was blowing, which kept blowing the boxes over. So I created a timelapse video of the destruction of the city.



  • A-big-issue-MGL3281-1-2048A big issue
  • Cardboard-cathedral-MGL1471-1-2048Cardboard cathedral
  • Cardboard-city-MGL1437-1-2048Cardboard city
  • Cardboard-city-MGL1451-2048Cardboard city
  • Pride-matters-MGL5594-1-2048Pride matters
  • The-shelter-of-the-church-MGL6027-2-2048The shelter of the church
  • Welcome _MGL9015-1 2048Welcome

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