Classic pose IMGL6378 1 2048

Classic pose


The Capernwray dog trials are held bianually to raise funds for St John's Hospice, Lancaster.


  • At-Capernwray-dog-trials-MGL6664-1-2048At Capernwray dog trials
  • Classic-pose-IMGL6378-1-2048Classic pose
  • Destination-IMGL6624-1-2048Destination
  • Determination-MGL6657-1-2048Determination
  • Engagement-IMGL6337-1-2048Engagement
  • IMG-0756At Capernwray dog trials
  • Loyalty-MGL6673-1-2048Loyalty
  • Retrieving-IMGL6924-1-2048Retrieving
  • Splashdown-IMGL6878-1-2048Splashdown



...and the extended version, which includes the awards ceremony and some speeches...


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