Social comment on an electoral week in the life of a country.

Data another place IMG 8569 as Smart Object 1 2048

Data - another place

Data has been used in this election more than any other. Data is sold and wilfully misinterpreted. The individual stands alone, half buried, looking at the glitches receding into the distance.


  • Data-another-place-IMG-8569-as-Smart-Object-1-2048Data - another place
  • ELECTION-2019-IMG-6571-as-Smart-Object-1-2048Money and growth
  • Get-a-slice-IMG-8130-2048-bwGet a slice
  • No-control-IMG-6540-2048No control
  • The-May-legacy-IMG-6603-2048The May legacy
  • Treading-carefully-IMG-6501-2048Treading-carefully-IMG-6501-2048

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