"This is the greatest motoring adventure on the planet. This is 10,000 miles of chaos across mountain, deserts and steppe on roads ranging from bad to not-a-road in a tiny 1000cc car you bought from a scrapyard for £4.60. There’s no backup. There’s no set route. There’s no guarantee you’ll make it to the end. It’s just you, your rolling turd and planet-earth sized bucket of adventure."


Emil and Mikey joined the Mongol Rally in 2017. A trip from London to Mongolia in a beat-up car. An adventure. At one point they had to tie up their broken front suspension with rope to keep moving. These images were made just before they set off...


  • MGL2582-1-2048Dirt track
  • MGL2589-1-2048Screech!
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  • MGL2645-1-2048On the road
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  • MGL2655-1-2048Mikey
  • MGL2665-1-2048Emil
  • MGL2666-1-2048The Steppe Brothers
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  • MGL2672-1-2048Dashboard panic button
  • MGL2674-1-2048Gunning for you
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  • Mongolia-or-bustMongolia or bust!
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