We are innately curious as children. Somehow that gets knocked out of us as adults. Here is a cabinet of curiosity...



 Comedy Pavement, Blackpool - There was this photographer, lying on the pavement, taking photographs of people's feet...


  • 28-dollars-sold-out-MGL4215-1-204828 dollars (sold out)
  • A-couple-of-beers-at-the-Horizon-Line-Chamber-MGL3087-1-2048A couple of beers at the Horizon Line Chamber
  • Child-on-absract-MGL1825-1-2048Child on abstract
  • ConsumablesConsumables
  • Fairy-dust-MGL3951-1-2048Fairy dust
  • FlowerpotFlowerpot
  • IMG-2926Tree - Hockney perspective
  • IMG-7849bw-kpsRosamund's teacups
  • IMGL4084-1Above Cogra Moss
  • Lines-in-the-sandLines in the sand
  • MGL1147Sir Joshua Reynolds
  • MetropolisMetropolis
  • Mia-MGL0804-1-2048Mia
  • RemembranceRemembrance
  • The-last-postThe last post
  • Tree-targetTree target
  • Waiting-for-the-phone-to-ringWaiting for the phone to ring
  • White-lightWhite light
  • comedypavement2Comedy Pavement, Blackpool

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