"I imagine (this is all I can do, since I am not a photographer) that the essential gesture of the Operator is to surprise something or someone (through the little hole of the camera), and that this gesture is therefore perfect when it is performed unbeknownst to the subject being photographed".

Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida


The singing butler MGL9663 1 2048

The singing butler

Photographed on Morecambe Bay sands, inspired by the painting by Jack Vettriano.


  • An-eye-for-colour-IMGscans-0006-2048An-eye-for-colour-IMGscans-0006-2048
  • BlackbirdBlackbird
  • Boys-will-be-boys-MGL8336-1-2048Boys will be boys
  • Cardboard-city-MGL1437-1-2048Cardboard city
  • Compass-MGL6987-1-2048Compass
  • Dark-side-of-the-moon-IMG-0013-1-2048Dark side of the moon
  • Death-throes-MGL1972-2048Death throes
  • DisturbDisturb
  • Dont-drink-and-drive-MGL6982-1-2048Don't drink and drive
  • Double-take-MGL7759-1-2048Double take
  • Eclipse-MGL7701-1-2048Eclipse-MGL7701-1-2048
  • Extreme-cycling-MGL7009-1-2048Extreme cycling
  • Flight-MGL9669-1-2048Flight
  • IMG-7821R Mutt meets Star Wars
  • LandscapeLandscape
  • Mattress-MGL5314-1-2048Mattress-MGL5314-1-2048
  • Moons-MGL9999-1-2048Moons
  • Not-quite-aloneNot-quite-alone
  • Seascale-2048Seascale-2048
  • Sprinkler-stop-valve-inside-MGL3172-1-2048Sprinkler stop valve inside
  • The-eyes-have-it-MGL6244-1-2048The-eyes-have-it-MGL6244-1-2048
  • The-singing-butler-MGL9663-1-2048The singing butler
  • Turner-in-Cumbria-IMG-1701-2048Turner-in-Cumbria-IMG-1701-2048

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