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Sure as eggs are eggs

Inspired by "Self Portrait with Fried Eggs" by Sarah Lucas, 1996.

Pigs might fly

Shortlisted for publication in Eye Photo magazine.

Reflection on architectural change in Hong Kong

Following on from Ardfhitecture of Density by Michael Wolf.

One way

Lots of stories, interactions, aspirations. A snapshot of living in the West End in 2017.

Not recycled in Lancashire

Lancashire County Council has been reported as the worst council in the country for plastic recycling. This may not be all their fault though, as recycling the more "difficult" plastics may actually cost them money. Why isn't there a national system for plastic recycling?

The reverse of the Iraq war memorial in London

The memorial is outside the Ministry of Defence in London. The front side of the memorial shows a similar plaque featuring battling soldiers in the Iraq war.


#world #climatechange

New York skyline

What's under the surface of a big city?

Whitehaven harbour