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UK election 2019





Social comment on an electoral week in the life of a country.

Data - another place

Data has been used in this election more than any other. Data is sold and wilfully misinterpreted. The individual stands alone, half buried, looking at the glitches receding into the distance.

Treading carefully

Candidates (one in particular) have been avoiding scrutiny by debate. Inane photo opportunities and meaningless sound bites are not democracy.

Get a slice

Discussions about tactical voting have been much in evidence this week.


Homeless numbers have increased dramatically under the last government (2010-2019). How much did it cost to install these spikes, and would the money have been better spent on providing shelter?

No control

The youngest people in this country have the most to lose - and yet have no say. Discussion to reduce the voting age to 16 was blocked by the government.


Money and growth in the UK capital, London. The north-south economic divide increases.

The May legacy

The dancing queen handed over to the man who wants to be king of the world.

Whitehaven harbour