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The People's Vote political march, London, October 2018  (lightbox view)


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I work with charities, start-ups and small organisations who cannot afford commercial videography, photos and artwork at commerical rates, often on a pro bono basis. Some example projects can be seen here.

The wilderness 

I loved this stuff when I did it: of course, we move on artistically...


This site is an exploration of my multimedia approach to curiosity. My skills and ideas are very much "in development". I am a member of the Lancaster Photographic Society

I am available for interesting photographic and art projects.

Contact me by email

 Brad Cheek

The Lido at Grange-over-Sands

This print is for sale at All profits from each sale go towards the Save Grange Lido campaign. To learn more visit

15 of my images on display in this exhibition, running to the end of August, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm in the St Nic's Centre Lancaster (opposite Poundland).


An eclectic selection of photographic images by Brad, together with some portrait drawings by Geoff Oliver, at the Storey, Lancaster. The images will be on show in the Print Room Cafe from 30 July to 13 August 2019. Free entry.

Storey exhibition 2019

This event raised over £5,000 for St Johns Hospice, Lancaster -

Video of the event

Extended version includes the awards ceremony.

Slideshow of images from the event


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Not recycled in Lancashire

Lancashire County Council has been reported as the worst council in the country for plastic recycling. This may not be all their fault though, as recycling the more "difficult" plastics may actually cost them money. Why isn't there a national system for plastic recycling?

Heysham beach

Heysham Beach (Adobe Spark presentation)


There is active beach cleaning activity around Morecambe Bay.

Crisp packets

8 million Walkers Crisp packets are produced every day. They are made of metallicised plastic and cannot be recycled. Most of these will end up in landfill, this one ended up in the Lancaster canal.

8m Walkers crisp packets are produced every day

Walkers Crisps has reintroduced a recycling scheme, but ”Consumers can now visit 191 drop off points around the UK with their empty packets, though some may face a long trip." The carbon footprint of everyone travelling miles to drop off a crisp packet is huge. How many will still end up in landfill? Why can't the local recycling systems just collect them and recycle them? This is a start (or a gimmick), but not really good enough.... And it is only one example of single use plastic. There's a bigger picture...

A collection of images form various bands around the country...

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Red Ray and the Reprobates

Red Ray and the ReprobatesLive at the O2 Academy, Bristol, 30th March 2018

Red Ray and the Reprobates - the early years


Red Ray and the Reprobates live at the O2, Bristol



Away from the Numbers


Parka Monkeys


Go to the live music project section at Bradverts Graphics

PHOTOSCOPEPoster for Pizza Margherita exhibition. Photograph by Kirsty Railton.

I have 3 prints in this exhibition of Lancaster Photographic Society images, from 14 January to 17 February 2009.

Pizza Margherita

2 Moor Lane



The gallery is in a prominent position, just off the ring road around the town centre, opposite the Dukes Playhouse in Moor Lane. There are several car parks nearby. We are also in close proximity to the Grand Theatre in St Leonardsgate and the Vue Cinema in Church Street. 

Go through to the back of the restaurant and up the stairs to the gallery on the first floor. There is no obligation to purchase food, and the restaurant staff will be delighted to point you in the right direction.

Prints are for sale with a guide price of the £50, and this includes a donation to charity by [email protected]

There is currently a small exhibition (4 images) of my work at the Consult Centre Hub Lancashire, Morecambe, Floor 2 , 231 -233 Marine Road Central, Morecambe.

This site is an exploration of a multimedia approach to curiosity. My skills and ideas are very much "in development". I am a member of Lancaster Photographic Society and the West End Photography Club. I have also contributed to the Postal Photographic Club and the Exchange in Morecambe. I am available for interesting photographic and art projects.

I have various web presences:

Another place

Contact me by email

Brad Cheek


Hong Kong

Western Australia

Donate a photograph to the Survivors of Torture Relief Fund auction

Supporting refugees to rebuild their lives in the UK 16th November 2017, Northern Quarter, Manchester. 

Are you able to contribute a piece of work for this auction? All of the proceeds will go to the charity. 

 See more about this auction here.  Any image of any size and of any subject would be appropriate. The image would be best mounted or framed, as this will increase the value in the auction If you wish to contribute to this auction, please give your donation to Brad Cheek by the 12th November 2017, or contact the organisers.

AnachronismMilan. Louis Vuitton in the window. A street seller with a shawl.
Steppe Brothers logo

Mikey and Emil are the Steppe Brothers. They are raising money for 2 charities, driving 10,000 miles from Paris to Mongolia in an ageing Nissan Micra. Follow their blog at

Also information at

Sponsor the Steppe Brothers here

Find out more about the Mongol Rally 2017 here

See all the images here

Steppe Brothers
Mongolia or bust!

You can see the Steppe Brothers' silver Nissan Micra at the bottom of the screen on this video.

Good luck guys!

Whitehaven harbour