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Geoff Oliver

Geoff Oliver

Welcome to my featured artist, Geoff Oliver. Below are some examples of his recent work, as he tries out new media.

In response to my newbie drone flying anxieties, Geoff said:

"If you are still breathing after a crash, partial or otherwise, it is not a crash. A near miss is nothing to be concerned about because one is still breathing and, what’s more, in the event of there being fatalities it is not a “crash” – it is an “accident”. For example, if you spill your coffee it is an “accident” and if you somehow mount the pavement and flatten a pedestrian it is an “accident”. This is what we were taught in driving school in Zimbabwe. In this context, your flying ability is acceptable. If it doesn’t improve and you are still unhappy, you can always move there and be the norm."

New art work

Portfolio art work


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